My world❤

My world used to be so small. So so small. I really had to throw all my insecurities out the window to create the life and love I have today. I look back at who I felt I was and am so grateful God had his hand on me because wow my life was a mess!

I spent many years completely alone and depressed and isolated and then decided to get into an embarrassing relationship with someone I literally couldn’t stand and who has a hard core mental illness. But I also feel grateful for that because I had to hit much lower than rock bottom to wake up and claim my life back. You can always reclaim your life and live in your purpose!

One day my daughter and I just jumped on a plane to meet her brothers and sister who she had never met. We with virtually zero notice packed our bags and headed off to meet these people we didn’t know and nothing ever felt more right. I felt zero anxiety or fear. In fact I felt nothing but joy. It turned out to be a life changing moment in both of our lives.

Our lives are so full. My sweet daughter has this group of kids who she immediately loved and it was like they had always been together ❤ That bloodline also became her tiny forever. What a spectacular present. They spent every single second together and there was not one fight. My heart was overflowing with happiness at seeing her with 4 brothers and her dream sister who she idolizes.

The day I claimed my life my life claimed me. Me changing my view on myself also changed my daughter’s life forever. She has a huge family now and although I am her entire world she loves nothing more than telling her friends about her modern family and she feels such pride in being different. I am so proud of myself…it’s so funny to me how I wake up everyday and just feel so proud of myself.

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