The promise of wonder.

Negativity is contagious, but so is joy. The world is brutal and dark, but there are places filled with wonder and moments, so breathtaking, that for a second, you truly believe anything is possible ✨️

I did it. I got stuck in the whirlwind of darkness. I forgot that me waiting for the darkness to end was futile , but at any moment, I could throw open the doors and find that magic that has always sustained me. I kept praying for signs that everything would be ok, forgetting that God had already promised me that a billion times.

When things start falling apart, you can’t stand on the edge, hoping you won’t fall with them… you are going to fall. Earth is a place where things are guaranteed to fall apart. It is as much a certainty as the sun rising every morning. But Earth is also pure magic with beautiful creatures, friendships, and promises meant to give you a future and hope.

I don’t have to have tomorrow figured out because in that hysterical figuring, I completely lose these moments. I lose my energy to see those sparkling seconds of wonder, and those moments are what makes life worth living. You have to create them. Seek them out. Surround yourself with others who believe in miracles and beauty and who are willing to fall into the hopeful and happy possibilities instead of those who wallow in darkness and defeat. I believe in magic because I believe in God. I trust that this crazy path we are on is leading to more absolutely astounding moments, and each one of those moments strung together is what makes a beautiful life. Thank you, God ❤️

Published by Heidi

All glory to God. Mommy, horse lover, photographer heidibond11 on Instagram and Heidi Bond @heidimukki for Venmo donations or to buy photography ❤️

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