My precious baby.

My everything ♥️

Sweet girl. I love you. I love you fiercely and protectively and beyond what the word love even encompasses. I have held your little self for 8 years. 8 years of sleeping 2 inches from you, 8 years of arguing about candy, 8 years of adventures that have been magical sometimes and often questionable. My little side kick and very best friend. Next time you have a birthday, you will be 9.

I think we got the 1st half of your childhood almost unimaginably right. We had hard times for sure, but they were always resolved with me holding you closer and spending more time with you. I’m not sure what this second half looks like. You will be turning into a teen in this half. Becoming an adult in this half. How! On! Earth!

I love you. It’s this big, overwhelming, pure, and completely magical love. A love so deep that I kiss you while you’re sleeping and STILL want to jump into your bed at 5am and whisper, “want to go on an adventure?” The love that has me missing you when you are in another room. Just the best love life has to offer.

My wish for you is to be able to carry this love into your little soul. To feel big and strong and confident knowing you are absolutely adored so you can never lose. I want you to say both yes and no with conviction and grace. I want you to look in the mirror and say thank you to God for your beautiful spirit and your spectacular soul. Please seek purpose and adventure over happiness because happiness is a by-product, not a consistent state of being. And marry your best friend…make sure he’s funny!

Is it ok that I mostly want to be a part of all of it? Like maybe a tiny bit of a stalker…no? Ok. Maybe just an obsessive fan? Well, for now, I will just sigh as I watch the kitchen lights go on and off 80 thousand times because you don’t want to do your English homework. Then we will argue about how it’s actually my night in my own bed, and you will beg me to let you sleep with me. I will try to remember that I will miss these days more than anything while I try to get comfortable in your bed because you sleep sideways.

I love you, baby girl. I love your voice and your laugh and even your incessant arguing. I love your passion and humor, and you are a much better cook than I am. I’m trying to live in today even though lately I feel tomorrow looming. I feel like I’m handling it well. I got a horse. That should distract me.

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